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Complex Defence Systems need a thorough Lab Testing before being taken up for Factory Acceptance Testing and Field Trials. Lab Testing is done through a gamut of testing simulators:
  • Data Simulators to feed test data at run-time to System Under Test (SUT). These are used both for interface testing and functional testing.
  • Load Simulators which slow down or speed up traffic to check load boundary and performance conditions for SUT
  • Device Replace Software (DRS) which act as a virtual interface in absence of physical system to which SUT requires a connection
  • The advantage of Testing Simulators lies in the ability to repeat test cases, create complex data sets for testing and exercise the System Under Test with all interfaces and loads, which would normally not be practicable in the field.

    VISIONLABS provides its domain expertise to analyze System Under Test, architect a Testing Simulator, develop the Simulator and also to provide IV&V services to perform testing and generate Test Reports as per MIL Standards..